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Patient Participation Groups

We have a very active and inclusive PPG which was formed in 2011. Our chair is Mrs Maureen Mathews

The purpose is for us to see how our service works “on the other side” and have a way of directing ideas, suggestions, compliments or areas for potential change. This gives a patient’s point of view of the NHS and how it’s working at a local level.

We are very enthusiastic about this and would greatly appreciate your
involvement. We understand if you feel this is not something you could
commit to, but if you would like to join then please contact the
practice manager Mrs Mel Quinn who will be able to give you any
further details you might need in order to influence your decision on

The PPG would also like to hear your views. They have set up a notice board opposite reception, so if you have any queries, questions or would simply like to know more about the group please leave a message and your contact details in the basket by this notice board. We meet every quarter.

Once again many thanks on behalf of the practice for giving this your consideration.

Next meeting will be : TBD