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We are committed to providing for you the highest possible level of health care, in the most efficient and usable manner possible.  In order to assist us in doing this we would ask you to help us in the following ways:

  • If you are unable to come for a booked appointment, please let us know so that the slot can be used for someone else.
  • We know the traffic can be very difficult, but do please try to come on time for your appointments, to help the doctor see everyone on time.
  • If you need to be seen quickly we will make every effort to meet your needs, but please only ask for this if the medical problem you are having cannot wait until another day. You may be asked to come back at another time if the doctor feels this is more appropriate.
  • Please let reception know if you change your address, telephone number, name etc.


We will visit any housebound patients in their own home, but would ask that, if you are able to leave your home for any other reason, you also make all efforts to come to the surgery to see the doctor. Our facilities are far better in the surgery, and it is much easier to assess you and your problems in this environment.
And finally, we are here to provide a good health service for you, the patient; and this is why we all come to work at the surgery. We will make every effort to achieve this for you. We know sometimes it will be frustrating, but we ask you to treat all members of our staff with the politeness and patience they deserve…and we will attempt to do the same for you!