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Targeted Lung Health Checks Campaign

The Targeted Lung Health Checks programme began in Luton in February 2021. To date 10,121 people have been invited across 12 practices. The Lung Health Checks programme is run in partnership with Total Wellbeing Luton, Luton and Dunstable Hospital and BLMK CCGs.

GP lists are used to target eligible people – that’s people who are aged 55 to under 75 and have ever smoked.

Patients are sent letters and texts inviting them to come for their Free Lung Health check – which is done over the phone. The check determines whether someone is at high risk of developing lung cancer. If the person is high risk they are invited to take a low dose CT Scan. These scans are provided on a mobile unit – specially developed for the programme.

This helps us to detect cancers early, making them more treatable and saving lives.


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